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Company size: 11-50 • Staffing and Recruiting

About Human Direct

Human Direct focuses on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable experiences for developers and their future employment. Our winning solutions start with having a technical team empowered to make a change and even to provide a more engaging software developer experience.

We act globally, we have open positions to all levels from graduate trainees to senior management in Europe and USA.

We are a professional IT Recruitment team focusing first on human choices. Our approach is different from an IT recruitment agency. We care about the choices every developer makes for his/her own high growth.

In the recruitment model, we set strategies that can improve the quality of the hiring and onboarding processes, adding significant value to innovative businesses. We value most human relationships that we are trying to create during tech recruitment.

Our experience is beyond the recruiting service, it’s about human approach.

Jobs at Human Direct

Product Manager - HDADC001

Human Direct • Romania • HDADC001
Full-time Remote €1,500

ICT Head - HDDNL001

Human Direct • Cluj County, Romania • Senior • HDDNL001
Full-time €1,500

SAP Consultant - Finance or Procurement - HDMPC001

Human Direct • Cluj County, Romania • Mid-level • HDMPC001
Full-time Remote €1,500

Senior .NET Developer - HDDGM001

Human Direct • Romania • Senior • HDDGM001
Full-time Remote €2,000

Java Software Engineer - HDTVT010

Human Direct • Cluj County, Romania • Mid-level • HDTVT010
Full-time Remote €2,000

Senior Embedded C Software Engineer - HDEBS001

Human Direct • Cluj County, Romania • Senior • HDEBS001
Full-time €1,500

Software Engineer (React) - HDTRB003

Human Direct • Brașov, Romania • Senior • HDTRB003
Full-time €1,500

AUTOSAR Software Engineer - IO Stack - HDEBS003

Human Direct • Cluj County, Romania • Mid-level • HDEBS003
Full-time Remote €1,500

ComStack Engineer - HDEBS002

Human Direct • Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania • HDEBS002
Full-time Remote €1,500